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Boss Mom Of The Week: Emily Baker

Emily Baker is our Boss Mom of the Week!
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Emily Baker is the founder and lead Lifestyle Designer at Baker’s Better Life and Better Life Wellness. She is also an active Independent Consultant for Arbonne a company that provides Pure, Safe, Beneficial products and an amazing business opportunity. Emily is a mother to two happy, sassy, active little boys and wife to a busy and amazing Husband while being a Type A+ goal getter. After pushing through years of stress related injury and Illness Emily decided that life was not for struggling through, but for shining and thriving. This is when the Better Life movement was born. While recovering from back surgery Emily decided she needed a new path, a Better Life. The Better Life journey began with a lot of self reflection, a blog and a YouTube channel. Emily defines her Better Life journey as regaining optimal Health and creating Wealth while having Balance with her family. It is these components that create Freedom. The Freedom to choose your own path, Freedom from fear and concerns of other peoples judgment, Freedom from doing what ‘you are supposed to’ and rather doing what fills your soul. Emily wanted to find a way to help other people uncover their Better Life and to that end became a certified Bulletproof Coach, one of the first 150 in the world that offers this unique coaching. Bulletproof Coaching is more that diet, and supplements it is Lifestyle Design, helping you create your unique Better Life, whatever that may look like. So, are you ready for your Better Life?

Emily Baker is the Boss Mom of the Week!You may be familiar with Emily’s journey and work as she has been given the opportunity to share how BioHacking can help women change their relationships with food, stress, energy and that little voice in your mind. She has been interviewed by Women’s World Magazine regarding Women and the Bulletproof Diet. Emily is also featured on Bulletproof Radio speaking about the Coach Training program. Emily was also Interviewed for the Bulletproof Coach Training Program online. She is a speaker for the Write, Publish, Sell blogging conference and a Member of the Miracle Morning Co-Creation conference. She has also been featured on numerous blogs regarding productivity, increased energy and the Bulletproof Diet. Emily looks forward to more speaking engagements, collaborations and bio-hacking goodness in the near future.

Tell us a little bit about your family and your Boss Mom journey.

My Boss Mom journey is a winding one. My Husband and I have been together 18 years, Married 14 years. We have two Boys Travis (8yo) and Griffin (4yo). Work wise I began working as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County after Law School in 2006. It was my dream job. During the 10 years I have worked as a District Attorney I have been on medical leave for; a torn ACL, two high risk pregnancies and premature little boys (Travis at 32 weeks, Griffin at 35 weeks….both are great now!), Adrenal Fatigue, Spinal Surgery, and a second Spinal Surgery. I went from being a Bad-Ass trial lawyer to sick, and broken most of the time. It took me years to realize that my dream job wasn’t really my dream anymore. My career had been my way prove myself to others, prove I was smart, prove that I was capable. I wanted to prove to all the teachers and friends parents who told me ‘college isn’t for everyone’ that I was somehow worthy. So I did what smart people do, I went to law school and got one of the most competitive jobs in the field. I am thankful for the experiences though because through all of it I found my inner Boss Mom. So little by little I let go of being attached to my title, my job, and started looking for what I really wanted. I wanted to be a Boss Mom. I dipped my toe into the water with a home based business with Arbonne. Arbonne is a wonderful network marketing company that provides the purest quality skin care and cosmetics you can find. After all my health struggles this was a natural fit. I joined Arbonne about two years ago, and one of the biggest gifts this home business has given me was the community of people dedicated to growing themselves and helping others. What I didn’t expect is that Arbonne would give me the courage to really explore what I wanted to give back, and how I wanted to serve others. After my struggles with health I knew I wanted to help others recover their vitality and live their Better Lives. So I started a Blog, and a YouTube channel to share my journey and some fun, I was terrified doing it so I knew it was the right fit. Putting myself out there so publicly was about breaking out of my comfort zone and sharing my story.

Then the opportunity came up to join the very first Bulletproof Coach Training program. I will be one of the first 150 certified Bulletproof Coaches in the world. Again I was terrified about jumping in and I knew I would be heart broken if I didn’t. Bulletproof Coaching has given me the knowledge to truly help people transform their health and their lives. It has also unshackled me from the judgement of others and introduced me to a whole new way of being in the world. Most days I don’t struggle with head junk, I don’t struggle with energy. Life has become truly Better and I can’t wait to coach others to the same end result, because you can’t design your Better Life if you can barely get out of bed.

What are some of your favorite go to meals when time is tight and dinner MUST get on the table?

Emily Baker FamilyWe let the kids have Wacky Wednesday at least once month where they can choose something crazy for dinner, it’s usually Peanut Butter & Jelly or Breakfast for Dinner. Eggs and Bacon are a super easy dinner that my family loves. I also love cooking Sous Vide, which is a water bath cooking method. It’s perfect for proteins and you can leave them in for 2 hours or 8 and it isn’t over cooked. We use the SanSaire Sous Vide cooker because it’s easy to store and can go into a large sauce pot. I love this method for any protein you can imagine we add rice and veggies and are done. As long as we have grass fed butter and sea salt the kids will eat anything. If we are going to pick up dinner it’s Chipotle. I know that they use anti-biotic free meats and their Guacamole is delicious. So when time is super tight I will order on the Chipotle app and pick up a dinner I feel good about feeding my kids.

Where do you go for inspiration?

There are a lot of sources of Inspiration out there, some are covered below in books and podcasts, but outside of that I love taking a minute to check out #Motivation, #BossMom and #Inspiration #BetterLifeWellness on Instagram. I love the quick inspirational quotes that people post. I also follow a lot of people in the motivational space on Instagram and so my feed normally has quite a few quotes for the day. I also turn to music that I love. I am a massive, bordering on obsessive, Dave Matthews Band fan. I have my go to music that lifts my spirits. I have grown up along side DMB, from the college parties and romantic mixes of my twenties to having children in my thirties, their music has grown up along side. The newer albums address maturing relationships and the wonder of having children and the wonder and love in the music always lifts me up. I actually have a song lyric from DMB tattooed on my right wrist as a reminder that our struggles can also be our strength.

What are you currently reading or listening to (podcasts, books, blogs etc)?

I am always listening to Audible and Casts because I love listening. I love that I can always find time in my day when my headphones are in, even if its just while getting ready in the morning. On Audible I am listening to Presence by Amy Cuddy. I also love The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, The Game by Neil Strauss (this isn’t a book for everyone but I loved it), You are a Badass by Jen Sincere and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and of course Boss Mom by Dana Malstaff. I love reading, and when I had the boys the time to sit and read was diminished. Audible has allowed me to rekindle this love and I go through several books a month. As for Podcasts I don’t miss The Boss Mom Podcast, I also am religious about Bulletproof Radio with Dave Aspery, The Charged Life with Brendon Bouchard, The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes, Achieve your Goals with Hal Elrod. I also tune in to Taking Control of your Money with Dave Ramsey to keep me on track financially, I have law school debt still lingering and am cracking away at it religiously.
What is one piece of business advice that you’d give to a mom just starting out?

Trust your gut. If you listen to your inner voice it won’t steer you wrong and will help you gain clarity on your vision. Then make sure that everything you do is moving you towards your vision. This includes the people you surround yourself with, find a tribe that supports the direction of your dreams. (I think that’s probably two pieces of advice…..but they go together!)
What are some of your favorite quotes or words to live by?

If you look at my Instagram you will see a lot of motivational quotes because I love them. What is resonating with me right now is “You are Enough”, “Don’t Quite your Day Dream”, “Create Your Better Life” and “Live Life by Design”.
In one word, sum up your life as a Boss Mom.


What are three core values of your business and how do those values relate to your motherhood?

Through the Bulletproof Coaching process we have done a ton of values work, when you are clear on your values you can design your life in such a true way. My top three are Authenticity, Presence and Courage. My core values are true in business and in my life as a mom. Your clients, associates and children know when you aren’t being authentic. Additionally when you are living your authentic life it’s powerful, and your energy brings people and opportunities into your life that are a right fit. With Presence, true presence, you create a space for great business ideas and collaborations but you also create a nurturing environment for your kids to share and open up. Being completely focused on my kids during our family time, with out distraction or thinking of what I need to do after they go to bed is deeply fulfilling for them and for me. When we are connected and I am present I am able to be more patient with their ups and downs because I am more tuned into them. When I am distracted it is difficult to be patient and attentive. Finally Courage, being a BossMom takes a ton of Courage. Being able to proudly design your work and life to benefit yourself and your family often requires that you set aside what others may think. It means you have to be bold enough to set aside doubt in yourself and follow your gut. These are tremendously difficult things to do in our society that constantly asks “so what do you do”, as if what you ‘do’ defines who you are. For me shedding my secure labels and defining myself has taken tremendous courage, and it’s a lesson I am so grateful I can teach my boys.
You can connect with Emily and her journey across the Internet at Baker’s Better Life. When you sign up for the Better Life newsletter on Emily’s website you will receive exclusive content including Sleep and Energy Hacks.

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Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff

Dana Malstaff is the Founder of Boss Mom and creator Nurture to Convert.
She is a mother, author, speaker, messaging strategist, podcaster, blind spot reducer, and movement maker. She believes that too many brilliant moms are struggling to figure out how to grow their business while balancing all that is required to be a good mom, partner, and woman. So many moms are trying to grow their business using trends that feel inauthentic and aren't realistic for their inconsistent schedules. She has helped thousands of women become known for their brain and not their dance moves

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