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Boss Mom Spotlight – Tracy Morgan

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We want you to meet Tracy Morgan 

Tracy is the CEO, Chief Mom, Coffee Investor, Tracy Lynn Morgan


Share a bit about your Boss Mom journey:

Before becoming a mom, I worked as a corporate consultant, leading large-scale transformational change initiatives. I built an expertise and thriving business around increasing corporate productivity, workflow and culture. It was my passion.

While pregnant with my first son, I worked full time on a consulting contract in Canada and commuted home to California when I could. I always envisioned making this corporate consulting lifestyle work, even while raising a family. I’d take a break between contracts to have my babies and get back out there once things settled in at home. That was ‘the dream’. Or so I thought.

The time came to stop flying between countries at 31 weeks pregnant and come home and prepare for the arrival of our first baby. We had our son 2 weeks later. We spent the next five weeks in NICU just praying to get through that critical period.

The most heart wrenching part was leaving my son’s bedside every night after being sent home to sleep. There has never been a more unnatural feeling in me, than leaving my most vulnerable and precious baby, even in the most protected care.

Through each obstacle, thought, we focused on the road ahead and endured, figuratively and literally … Driving into the hospital one morning, the town levy broke and started to flood the highway. The water started to fill up the ditch beside me, then onto the shoulder and then the road. There was a moment when I said out loud, “Come hell or high water, nothing will keep me from my baby.”

I made it through that day. But what I left behind, were the parts of my life that came between me and what mattered most. Like water under the bridge, those pieces drifted into to past, creating space for the life I was about to create.

That was a day of reckoning for me. The life I envisioned, no longer fit my new version of motherhood. Outdated visions and beliefs were soon replaced with thoughts and actions that would help me build a life coherent with who I truly wanted to be and what was most important to me.

And it led me here, to create a business where I get to leverage that experience and corporate expertise to help other moms reduce the overwhelm, frustration and friction that often comes when integrating business and life. I help purpose driven Mama’s bring more value, productivity and simplicity to their day so they can make steady progress toward better days and bigger dreams.

Because I believe we all deserve to live a more fulfilling, coherent life, one where our values and what matters most is in-sync with our daily actions; a life that works for us. That’s what I want for all of us, a day we can’t wait to wake up to and one we feel satisfied with when we lay our head down each night. Simply, a good day.

Being a boss mom has given me the freedom to grow my family and business in a way that works for me, to create a lifestyle where all my roles fit together, and each day feels more fulfilling and meaningful. Now I can confidently say, I help other mamas do the same.


One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business 

Focus on the quality in your time, not the quantity.

We all get the same 24 hours. Connect with what is most important to you, what you value most in an activity or experience, what you want to get OUT of it. Once you feel this, find ways to bring that value into the moments of your life. Be more present with your kid, more intentional when you are working toward a specific biz result, more discerning with how you choose to spend your time; go for what will make the biggest impact in your business, to your relationships, to your happiness.

Take time each week to think through key decisions on how you will ‘spend’ your time. Choose the difference makers and gently let go of the busy makers. When we can connect the dots of our life … who we are, what matters most and how we spend our time … We find our days working FOR us, and our life, more fulfilling. We make meaningful progress, progress that carries more power and momentum. Nope, we can’t add more hours to our day, but we can cut out the clutter and make the rest better.

Less. But better.


What are you currently reading or listening to (podcasts, books, blogs etc)?

Podcast – Essentialism

Book – Do Less, Kate Northrup.

It’s so interesting to learn about our natural cycles, energy and seasons that operate in the background of our lives.


Where do you go for inspiration?

I don’t have to look too far in our Boss Mom group to find amazing women, that model the same grit and grace I show up with each day. You give me hope, and confidence that this dream I hold IS possible. You are the proof that keeps me digging deep. I also reach out to the members of Nurture to Convert Society to build this dream together and I feed off the momentum we create together.


I want to live in a world where…

… We never have to say or feel we don’t have time for the things that matter most.

… Where everyone’s basic needs are met and there is an equality that allows us all to grow and go for big dreams, if we choose, to work how we desire and have flexibility and time to be there for our families and enjoy the moments of our life.


This is what I know to be true…

Progress is power.

If you set yourself up for small wins, they build confidence and act as catalysts to move you toward even bigger goals, one small win at a time. You start to gather proof of your abilities. You reach farther, grow more, accomplish bigger wins. You gain power over your fears, self doubt, and insecurities. You become a person that accomplishes what you set out to do. Progress is Power.


What is something that you’re currently working on or excited about releasing?

I’m putting the finishing touches on the second revision of my signature course: Design a Better Day!

I’ve completely re-vamped the productivity section to give some quick productivity boosts and made-for-you schedule templates to help busy moms adapt quicker to the revolving door of schedule changes and ‘work from home’ scenarios we’ve been facing.


Website and social links: 



https://www.instagram.com/tracylynnmorgan/ https://www.facebook.com/tracylynnevolve https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracylmorgan/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/MamaEvolveTogether


Tracy’s Work:

Tracy Morgan is a mama of two boys, a Productivity Consultant, Growth Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and Course Creator. She is fiercely committed to making things better for busy parents trying to carve out a life they love.


By nature, she is an essentialist, a change maker and productivity obsessed. She is the founder of TracyLynnMorgan.com, an on-line lifestyle improvement brand that gives busy parents the hands-on tools and support to design a day and life they love.


Frustrated by the constant overwhelm and lack of progress she experienced as a modern parent, Tracy created a simple framework to add more quality and value to each day. Applying this 6-step process has brought about a fundamental shift in how parents view productivity.


Using her expertise in behavior change and productivity, she offers on-line programs and coaching to help busy moms resolve the daily overwhelm and frustration that comes with too much to do and too little time for what matters – the Freedom Paradox.


Prior to starting TracyLynnMorgan.com she founded CO Motion, Inc., a Change Management consulting company where she led large scale corporate improvement projects. Her 20 years of experience working with individuals and companies to improve the quality of work and life, has given her a unique skill set to tackle the struggles and challenges felt by today’s parent.


Tracy’s mission is to help busy Moms never have to say or feel they don’t have time for the things that matter most; that they can choose to grow and accomplish big goals, have time for their families and still be able to enjoy the moments of motherhood

Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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