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Boss Mom Spotlight – Kerstin Kirchstieger

Boss Mom Spotlight Template (4)
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We want you to meet Kerstin Kirchsteiger 

Kerstin Kirchsteiger is a Scientist turned Life & Leadership Coach. The emotional rollercoaster that motherhood took her on, led her to leave science and dive deep into the study of Emotional Intelligence and she became a GENOS certified practitioner. Her journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship made it clear that work-life integration is a topic most working, homeschooling moms struggle with. Leveraging her analytical nature combined with my understanding for individualized solutions, she has created a system for moms to peel back the layers of obligations, expectations and guilt and build a life they’re excited to get up for every day. Kerstin offers coaching that includes tools of Emotional Intelligence, Respectful Parenting and Leadership Tools that helps her clients find their Flow, AND give them tools to create thriving relationships and a successful career.

In her Leadership Consulting she has worked with clients from Thermo Fisher, EDF Renewables and Quidel.

When Kerstin is not working with clients you can find her mountain biking or enjoying the outdoors with her family.


Share a bit about your Boss Mom journey:

I actually never knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur. In my family there is only 1 entrepreneur and he had it really difficult to get his vision across in the little village he lives…For me it all started with motherhood. I wasn’t willing to spend all day, every day away from my child, only to pay someone to take care of him. At first I started thinking about what role I could get in science that wasn’t in a lab (with too many hours, and weekend duty), and have been exploring a MicroMBA at UCSD and other leadership courses. I was going to try to make the shift from academia to corporate, but I never felt called enough to do it.

I joined a coaching program (Kelsey Murphy) to “find work you love” and started to explore other interests and part-time jobs, but none were a great fit for the family life I had envisioned. Then I decided to try B-school with the promise to finally find *passion #1* within all the interests I had. It was great but didn’t get me moving enough until a friend told me about a Leadership Training opportunity which I took. I loved the approach that assessment company takes in their leadership training and realized that I had been LEADING my family with Emotional Intelligence (EI) all along.

I finally took the leap to start my own business when we decided to homeschool my son.

After joining BBD last summer, I realized that the NTCS was the better business training fit for my lifestyle and am so grateful for having found you at the right time.

I am still learning a lot about how to run a business, but am a firm believer that work-life integration can only be achieved through the power of thriving relationships. And I want to empower moms to take the lead, create a thriving family culture and, doing so, inspire the next generation to live an authentic life.

What makes you excited about becoming a Boss Mom of the Week?

Being featured in one of my favorite FB groups alongside amazing women. I love Dana’s work and am ready to get myself out there to do my part to change other mom’s lives with what I’ve learned from my life and training.


One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business

That thriving relationships are at the root of true work-life integration. And that showing your kids that it is possible to go after your (professional) dream as a mom without sacrificing family life is a radical act of inspirational leadership.


Where do you go for inspiration?

When I need to clear my mind, I go outdoors and ride my mountain bike. If I need inspiration for work or life, it can be a podcast, a book or a yoga class.


What are you currently reading or listening to (podcasts, books, blogs etc)?

Podcasts: Off-Trail learning, Raising Lifelong Learners, BossMom, Unschooling, Sage Family, Mind your Business


Books: All Marketers (are liars) tell stories, The Brave Learner, Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (My daughter is not naughty)


Blog: Sage Family, Mainly Montessori


I want to live in a world where…

being a “good” mom doesn’t require martyrdom but rather empowers women to step into their leadership position with love and confidence.


This is what I know to be true…

that when moms embody the leaders they were meant to be, they inspire their children by recognizing their individual strengths and letting them pitch in for the family team, because deep inside we all want to belong.


One thing you can’t live without…

My mountain bike


What is the big milestone that you are hitting that you are celebrating?

I am celebrating that I reached the Momentum Stage and am headed towards Velocity! But what this truly means is that I finally have found my messaging and know where I want to go with my business.


Website and social links: 


Work-Life Flow Podcast



Work with Kerstin:

I have the 4 Must-have checklists for kids, so they can get ready on their own (and you can sit back and relax) as an opt-in www.kerstinkirchsteiger.com/checklists


And I am opening my doors to my “Take the Lead” 6-weeks coaching program where moms will learn to define the leader they want to be for their family, create a family vision and learn useful tools to bring the whole family together as a team. Doors open June 1st (so this might be too short notice).

Take the Lead and See Your Family Thrive without Always Putting Yourself Last. https://www.kerstinkirchsteiger.com/page/204411

Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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