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Boss Mom Spotlight – DeLise Bernard

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We want you to meet DeLise Bernard 

DeLise Bernard is an entrepreneur, homeschooling expert, and education consultant. While she and her husband have co-led their health management company, Beyond Excellence, for over 15 years, she’s also the founder of Surviving Homeschool, a community that supports working families thrust into schooling from home. Providing practical “survival tips”, catalogued educational resources, and ongoing encouragement to over 6800 members, the team offers community and connection in a time of social distancing. Her advice has been featured on ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post, as well as various podcasts, education websites, and popular parenting blogs. Her family’s homeschool was recently showcased in a George Washington University student-produced documentary for the school’s Masters program.


Why we love DeLise

DeLise is an incredible example of taking a challenging situation and being part of the solution. In the midst of global chaos and concern, and not at all prepared for the shift life was going to take, DeLise saw a need, and she got to work to fill that need. She didn’t let fear hold her back, she acted quickly and made a huge impact in the lives of so many that felt lost, as we all do, trying to balance homeschooling when we weren’t prepared to do so. We love what she’s created and we can’t wait to share her with you.


DeLise shares her Boss Mom Journey:

My family returned from a trip to the Caribbean the evening of Wednesday, March 11th, to an emerging national crisis, and I was inundated by Thursday with friends concerned about the reality of schooling their children while working from home. As someone who’s homeschooled for almost a decade, I felt a strong pull to support them.  While brainstorming the next day, I received a call from a friend, Dericka Oddoye, an engineer with extensive experience supplementing her children’s education, who encouraged me to “do something”.  Considering that call a confirmation of my idea, I continued discussing my vision with Dericka and other friends, and that Saturday, March 14th, Surviving Homeschool (a name coined by Dericka) was born to answer the primary questions: “HOW am I supposed to educate my child (ren) myself AND how am I supposed to do that while working?” 

Surviving Homeschool isn’t my first foray into entrepreneurship! I also co-founded Beyond Excellence, a thriving health management company, with my husband over 15 years ago. My father is a serial entrepreneur, so I always knew I wanted to have a family business. Our children have seen the same model and have their own businesses as well.


One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business 

Be gracious with yourself. Take off the Supermom cape, throw perfection out of the door, take moments to yourself, outsource, and accept help.


DeLise wants to live in a world where…

all people have what they need not just to survive but thrive!


And she wants you to know that…

We can work all day trying to get through our “To Do” list and there will still be items on there tomorrow; it’s never ending! So it’s important to make time for the other things that matter in my life.


DeLise is celebrating something really amazing in her business and we want to celebrate with her…

We are looking forward to celebrating 10,000 members in the Surviving Homeschool community! That means more families to help as they navigate their way through working and schooling from home.


Make sure you connect with DeLise






Work with DeLise:


Join our community of almost 7000 families who look to us and each other to share practical Survival Tips, catalogued educational resources, group and private coaching, discounted virtual courses and services, and ongoing encouragement (and humor!) When you join, you’ll also receive your Top Tips to Survive the Summer!



We are currently looking for certified teachers to promote on our educational resource platform.

Surviving Homeschool launched SkoolPon to support teachers, small businesses, and individual professionals with new customer acquisition and brand awareness by promoting their products and services. The need for teachers to support schooling from home efforts is at an all-time high and we’d like to promote their classes and tutoring services.

For more information, teachers can visit this link: http://www.survivinghomeschool.com/supportteachers/


Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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