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Boss Mom Spotlight – Cindra Harris McCoy

Boss Mom Spotlight Template
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We want you to meet Cindra Harris McCoy, the founder of Guide Dots

Cindra McCoy is an art teacher and small business owner who recently founded Guide Dots — an online company that offers a subscription-based art curriculum that teaches children to draw. After years of educating and engaging students at her art school in South Carolina, McCoy wanted to find a way to bring creativity and confidence into the homes of students across the country.


Share a bit about your Boss Mom journey:

Art has always been my passion, but I learned early in my career that I did not need to be making the art to be inspired and to inspire others. I opened a brick-and-mortar art school to fulfill that need in my community, and the experience awakened an entrepreneurial spirit that I did not know existed. Soon, the momentum I felt for bringing art education to children could no longer be contained in my small town, so Guide Dots was born.

With art taking a backseat in so many schools, creative kids often need to look beyond the classroom to get their art fix, and with busy extracurricular and work schedules, that isn’t always easy for families to achieve. I just knew I had to find a way to infuse art education directly into the home environment.

What makes you excited about becoming a Boss Mom of the Week?

I have been a part of the Boss Mom Facebook Group for a while and just recently joined the Nurture To Convert System. With the constant guessing and learning that comes with owning businesses, Dana and Boss Moms has been the greatest resource I have found yet for online businesses! I think motherhood takes guts and so does being an entrepreneur so being chosen as a Boss Mom of the week in this elite community is an honor.

One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business

I think as a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur you have to keep a positive mindset that not only can you tackle any trial ahead but that you are going to plow right through it. Lately my favorite quote has been “Mistakes will be made, but inaction will not be one of them.” I am a big believer in not becoming paralysed by fear. I think you must move forward, do your best, and if you do that others will notice your passion and be attracted to that, even if mistakes are made along the way.

Where do you go for inspiration?

My immediate answer is, of course, family. My husband and daughters are my happiness. However, I am beginning to learn that my work with Guide Dots has a larger impact than I gave it credit for. The photos of children’s proud faces with their artwork and the kind words of parents has been a driving force for me.

What are you currently reading or listening to (podcasts, books, blogs etc)?

I am currently working through the Nurture To Convert System specifically, writing my 90 day emails. I also am reading “Traffic Secrets” by Russell Brunson and I try to catch an Amy Porterfield Podcast if I have “extra” time.

I want to live in a world where…

parents see the importance in drawing not just an extracurricular but instead, as an avenue to well-rounded, creative and confident people.

This is what I know to be true…

Parenthood is hard! It takes a tribe of people, experiences and resources to fill all the aspects of what a child craves.

One thing you can’t live without…

My husband. He is my rock, my support and everything in between.

What is the big milestone that you are hitting that you are celebrating?

Guide Dots is gaining traction and is being featured by celebrities and bigger new articles like BuzzFeed and Good Housekeeping. It is very exciting to see my brain-child recognized!

Website and social links: 


https://www.instagram.com/guidedotart/ https://www.facebook.com/guidedots 

Grab Cindra’s free art lesson trial:


Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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