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Boss Mom Spotlight – Christina Surprenant

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We want you to meet Christina Surprenant

Christina is an Online Personal Trainer for Moms / Women with Pelvic Floor Challenges – Prolapse and incontinence – that want to Return to Fitness / Strength Training. A Pelvic Floor Fitness Trainer.


Here is her story:

I started out my career in the veterinary community, years of emotional and physical strain and 2 traumatic pregnancies later I developed Pelvic Organ Prolapses. Life as I knew it was over, I thought I was broken and unable. I developed a fear of movement and constantly worried about making my symptoms worse. I also was extremely frustrated and upset because wasn’t told this could even happen and my Pelvic Floor Health was never discussed by my Medical / Birthing Team even after 2 traumatic births. After a little while I decided I wasn’t going to be a victim anymore and sought out mentors that could help me take my life back. After receiving guidance and progressing with my recovery I decided to completely change careers in 2015 and dedicated my life’s mission to help others overcoming this condition as well as advocate for better Pre and Postpartum Care in general and when Returning back to fitness. I don’t want anyone to suffer like I did, and I know there are many suffering right now in silence because they don’t realize there is help out there. Also the rate of pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapses is on the rise yet pelvic floor education is still lacking. I want to change this for our generation and most certainly for the next generation.

Share a bit about your Boss Mom journey:

I have always wanted to go virtual to reach more women, but the pandemic of 2020 made that a necessity. It’s been a rollercoaster of learning and growing and refocusing.


What makes you excited about becoming a Boss Mom of the Week?

many don’t know what their Pelvic Floor is and how important it is to overall health. I am excited to help them realize there is more then just Kegels and hoping get them advocating for a better quality of life through more pelvic floor awareness.


One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business

Setup systems and get your beliefs in order.


Where do you go for inspiration?

Nurture to convert society!! Or really anything boss mom.


What are you currently reading or listening to (podcasts, books, blogs etc)?

Mom boss (podcast) and Business Beliefs (book)


I want to live in a world where…

Moms don’t feel guilty for taking care of themselves first.


This is what I know to be true…

Becoming more aware of your body and how it’s functioning is key to living your best life possible.


One thing you can’t live without…

Family and Feeling Able – I do this with Intentional Daily Total Body Strengthening (My Program I created 10mins A day To Strong).


What is the big milestone that you are hitting that you are celebrating?

More Freedom in my business (system setup and permissions to do less but better focused work –  Thanks Boss Mom & the Nuture To Concert System!) and Reaching More Women to help give them the gift of Fitness that does not make them pee and gives them their life back.


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Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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