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Boss Mom Spotlight – Ashima Bhaidasna

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We want you to meet Ashima Bhaidasna…

Ashima is the Brand Founder of Ashima Natural Remedies.

Growing up in India culturally many day-to-day use of super Power of HERBS & SPICES Plant-based sources as REMEDIES has become a way of pure and simple living & I want to bring that WISDOM TO THE WESTERN WORLD.

As we all know plant-based lifestyle is gaining popularity amongst Holistic healers, Health & Wellness conscious folks and or anyone who is looking to adapt to REMEDY based Holistic Products, then you have found your place. I am a small start – up, building a business to support BEAUTIFUL BOSS MOMS & THEIR FAMILIES. A Plant based Clean Natural Alternatives for day-to-day common issues.


Share a bit about your Boss Mom journey:

I was stay home mom for 8 years (2010-2018) until my little one turned 5 and started full time school, during that time I made up my mind not to go back to corporate world but do a business 😊
On Sept 9, 2018 My best friend helped me with a business idea while we were on our adventure to Redwood Forest and created memories.

Him and I were on a three-day hiking and camping adventure to Redwoods as a first time being a backpack hiker, I am glad I was with him, not only he saved me from my fear of camping in wilderness around Bears and other wild animals but also helped me come up with a business idea 😊
While hiking miles and miles, we talked about various subjects including Space, Souls, Airplanes (his passion) Nature, History and of course running through business ideas. I had a Food business idea (I am a foodie) but going through various pros and cons, he dug deep into my mind and has me come up with something unique to Western World yet connects me to my Ancient Roots. Yes, Indians use lots of Herbs, Spices in Food Preparation which are also REMEDIES and help with daily ailments.

What, Why, How lead me to think of Benefits, Uniqueness, Creation & BINGO!

WHAT?: A Remedy Brand was born under my name as Ashima Natural Remedies in 2019.

WHY?: Well, as growing up in India, my mother and my grandmother always used home remedies for day to day issues like diarrhea, cold, sore throat, cuts and bleeding, stomach ache, back ache, toothache etc. And it always worked and made everyone feel comfortable and recover better without side effects or toxicity. The truth is certain traditions in India are backed by Ancient Secrets (which are proven for hundreds of years) which is being carried on even today & Science is proving it 😊

HOW?: After giving deep thought to bring rooted ancients secrets to all the folks around the world on how to make use of these ingredients in a right way to our benefit.

I started to read, research on tons of information and started looking for right sourcing methods. After experimenting with my different recipe(s) of creation, application, usage, I created a brand of “Ashima Natural Remedies”. I hope with word of mouth and sharing my knowledge and experience (backed by Ancient Secrets) will support my mission to help each and everyone to Feel good Naturally.


What makes you excited about becoming a Boss Mom of the Week?

I’m actually humbled by the honor of being recognized for doing what I know lot of people are looking for!

My excitement about being BOSS MOM Spotlight is for the opportunity it provides me to reach more moms, especially those households who are consciously choosing to make lifestyle change for their and family’s betterment and supporting fellow MOM’S Small Business and a Brand Ashima Natural Remedies (Trademark under process) 

One piece of advice for moms who are starting a business

A Holistic lifestyle is worthy by staying focused, staying healthy in Body Mind (inside out) & Spirit which will save time & SANITY. Rest are byproducts 🙂


Where do you go for inspiration?

Connect with NATURE and deep within SELF. Everything is inside 🙂


What are you currently reading or listening to (podcasts, books, blogs etc)?

Gary Vee, Amy Porterfield, Sunny Lenarduzzi


I want to live in a world where…

Everyone is happy, healthy, supportive, uplifting & non-judgemental


This is what I know to be true…

God is Everlasting within us . Daily Connect with the spirit


One thing you can’t live without…



What is the big milestone that you are hitting that you are celebrating?

Starting a Youtube channel very soon


Work with Ashima…

If Healthy, Clean eating and reducing Toxicity is your goal from Life so should Natural Remedies.

Life is Precious to FOCUS (back to basics) & connect with your Lovely Self. Hence, I bring you the Remedy Brand “Ashima Natural Remedies” which I created and Founded to Holistically Heal the Body & Mind 🙂

Yes, I know you would choose:


-Pain Relief

-Menstrual Cramp Relief

-Common Cold Relief

-Hair growth oil

-Mineral Sunscreen

Why did I create what I created? The answer is simple: We all use Products for day to day issues or for RELIEF. With my 39 years of lived REMEDY experience for holistic, healthier & happy self 🙂

Made using ingredients that grow on Mother Earth like HERBS, SPICES, PLANT OILS this bring Holistic relief for day to day discomfort/issues.

Who here likes Indian Food/curries/garam masala, Chai? I am sure most will say YES 🙂 Apart from Scrumptiousness these Masala’s (Spices) and herbs are REMEDIES also! Having lived & experienced holistic lifestyle for 40 years, I acknowledge to bring Ancient Secrets to Western World, So all of Boss Moms have choices and not that Modern Medicine is the solution for something simple that can be taken care at home, Hence, I founded the Brand under my name as Ashima Natural Remedies. Plant based Remedy Brand that saves you TIME and bring you Wholesome goodness that grows on Mother Earth to enrich your Holistic lifestyle. Check it out at www.ashimanatural.com


Website and social links: 




Nicole Terrell

Nicole Terrell

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