An Epic Event for all Mom Entrepreneurs Looking to Raise and Nurture Your Business 

Watch our short intro video to get a better idea of what the Boss Mom Retreat is all about.  Boss Mom Founder, Dana Malstaff, walks you through the essentials so you can get super excited about investing in this event. Then make sure to keep reading to get even more juicy details.  
When's it happening?
The Boss Mom Retreat will take place...

In San Diego, California (downtown)

on Friday, January 27, 2017 (starting at 12 noon)
and Saturday, January 28, 2017 (till we can get our party on)

At the Moniker Warehouse (an old bread factory that is now an awesome place for events)

What's Included...
We want to make this a fun AND impactful event for you. So we are going to make sure the event is easy to get to, fun to attend, comfortable, interesting, exciting, envigorating, relaxing, amazing, and so much more. (Maybe not all at once)
All access to the 2 day event
This event is all about working ON your business. This is NOT a conference. We will be actively helping you move forward and create connections. 
Lots of Raffles and Prizes
We are going to have so much awesome stuff to raffle off...and you get more chances to win the more your engage. How cool is that.
Yummy Healthy Food
For this event...your lunch & dinner are provided on Friday, and your breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on Saturday....oh and wine and beer of course.
The Dance Party
Saturday night will be all about the party. It will be a chance to strengthen relationships, karaoke some Disney, dress up (if you want) and enjoy being an awesome Boss Mom.
Want to know what we mean when we say work ON your business'?
We don't plan to have a long lineup of speakers at this event. Instead, there will be a facilitator at each table to help create discussion and movement on each topic we cover.

The attendees who have signed up so far have helped us select the topics that are most important to them.  

At the retreat, we aren't just going to give you best practices and good ideas, we will also have worksheets for each topic so you can work through the ideas and apply them to your business in real time. 

Whether you have a product or service based business, or you have local or online clients, you need all of these components in your business to succeed. This retreat will help you set your plan for 2017 so you are poised to begin executing as soon as you get home. 
How to Create a Movement
Including creating an interactive Manifesto exercise & 90 day movement plan.
Setting Your Free to Paid Journey
Plotting out exactly how YOU are going to move your community over to paying clients.
How to Nurture Your Email List
How to grow your email list, and you will be creating 1 full nurture sequence for your business.
How to bring in more passive income
Outline the best way for YOU to create more passive income in YOUR business.
How to grow your community 
Not just great tactics, you will also create your 90-day plan with action steps to get featured more in 2017
The Art of Asking for the Sale 
Spoiler alert, this will involve role playing, but I promise will provide clarity and confidence, and is a fantastic way to connect with other attendees. 
Automation and Systems
You will create your 90 day plan with action steps to begin or continue automating your business.
Relaxing Yoga (optional)
Irena Miller will be providing relaxing and rejuvenating yoga that you can do with your regular retreat clothes on. 
A Fun Handlettering Class (optional)
Lilah Higgins from Higgins Creative will lead us in a fun breakout session. It's optional for attendees, but I know I'm excited. (supplies will be provided)
We have a powerhouse of women who will be attending the event and act as facilitators. Each awesome Boss Mom comes with her own unique set of expertise and awesomeness. We are super excited to have a facilitator at each table helping you brainstorm, rethink, dig deeper, and ltimatly have some crazy breakshthroughs at this event. 

Life + Biz Success Coaching™, Reina + Co
Head Nerd at Hey Jessica, LLC and Co-host of the All Up In Your Lady Business Podcast 
Founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp
Founder of Higgins Creative, and the Wake To Make Movement 
Brand Developer, Founder of Neapolitan Creative
Founder of the More Mom Movement & Business Planning Coach
Monique Melton
Author. Strategist. Speaker. Founder of Shine Better Together  
Founder of Marrs Marketing, Co-host of the Social Media Happy hour Podcast
Money Mindset Coach and Founder of TheProfitParty 
Author, Is Your Business Worth Saving? Creator of Get Focused Academy

Founder and Chief Evangelist at Ready Set Rock
Founder of Write, Publish, Sell
SEO Warrior & Founder of Healthy Strong Kids
Founder of Vintage Meet Modern
Founder & Author of Work Your Wealth
Founder of the Guilt Free Family
Founder of House Style Editing

VA Strategist & Owner of Legacy Creative
 Life Coach, Founder of Whiskey & Work
President, Love Inspired INC. 
EVENT EMCEE & Founder of a Cookie Before Dinner
This will be like nothing you have ever experienced before.
This event is not just an event. It is a place to WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS, create NEW FRIENDSHIPS, and foster new COLLABORATIONS. This is a space where we will provide training on topics you choose to help grow your business and give you space and guidance to MOVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD WHILE AT THE EVENT. This 2 day event is going to be EPIC and we WANT YOUR THERE. 
Save $200 by entering coupon code: FRIDAY  
Offer Valid Until 11/28/2016
Black Friday Awesomeness
Your $800 ticket is only $600 now through Monday only 
Make sure to reserve your spot today
$100 of your ticket will be donated to Pencils of Promise!
Pencils of Promise builds schools and provides quality educational programming to increase literacy rates in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Nicaragua. I personally met the founder, Adam Braun, and what he is creating is so needed in this world. There are too many children in the world who no NO access to education. So when you pruchase your Retreat ticket to help move your education forward, you will also help move a childs education forward as well. 
The more you participate the more raffle tickets you get...and these are some amazing prizes.
SEAT IN THE BOSS MOM ACADEMY: One lucky event participant will win a seat in my 6-month group coaching program worth $3,500 

- A Gorgeous Camera Bag from THEIT  
- Hair, makeup, and  a 90-minute business photo shoot on site ($500 vlaue)
- A Trademark package from my lawyer, Autumn Boyd ($1000+ value) 
- A full logo design from Lilah Higgins ($1000+ value, she designed our mugs) 
- A full website design by Gillian Perkins ($2500+ value)

...And lots more 
I absolutely love Dana's easy going, yet knowledge packed style of coaching. The group setting allows us to really synergize and learn from one another. I got more done for my business in 2 weeks with the Boss Mom Academy than I had in the previous two months. 
Alexa Bigwarfe, Founder of Write, Publish, Sell
I've gone from hot mess mom to got it all together, but I hadn't gone from hot mess boss to got it together until I met Dana. I've gotten more clarity for my business and a new sense of direction. It almost feels like an entirely new business.
Yvonne Marcus, Founder of the Dahlia Scene
Coaching with Dana is like having a BFF for your business. I really believe that working with Dana can shorten the learning curve for you by years!
Nicole Keating at The Art of Epic Wellness
Working with Dana is one of the best things I've ever done for my business. She is absolutely amazing when it comes to strategy, was able to help me get clarity and focus, all while holding my feet to the fire to execute. If you're looking for someone to help you reach your goals, and kick your ass occasionally - all with kindness, a great sense of humor and extreme care for you and your business, Dana's your woman.
Dawn Marrs of Marrs Marketing
Dana has pushed me past my comfort levels and helped me to expand my perspective and even my belief in myself and my business. She has helped me to clearly set goals and achieve them and all while making me feel like not just another client but a friend. This investment is worth every penny and more. I look forward to the day I can give Dana a big thank you hug in person.
Is it right for you?
The Boss Mom Retreat is going to be a wonderful event for mom entrepreneurs in all stages of their business. We want women who are in all stages of their business and life to attend. Watch the video and learn exactly how we will structure the event to ensure it's crazy valuable no matter what stage your'e in.
What's Included? 
Check-in for the event will begin at 11am on Friday and the event will officially kick off at 12 noon. 

The event will end at 10:30ish on Saturday evening after we have sufficiently partied. 

Your meals are covered, so lunch & dinner on Friday, and breakfast, lunch & dinner on Saturday. 

I dig deeper into the unofficial schedule for the event, how it will flow and work, and all that good stuff.
Lodging & Logistics
We have a room block at the Hotel Indigo, which is walking distance from the event. The room rate is set at $179 per night, but we were only able to secure a certain number so the sooner you reserve your room the better. Once the rooms go we might not be able to guarantee the same rate. 

Watch the video to learn more about how we will help facilitate finding roomies for those that want it, 

We are also working on getting a possible list of AirBnB options in case that is more your jam. 
Incentives & Prizes
This might be my favorite part. I have always wanted to make this part of my live event...and now we are bringing the idea to life. The more you participate in the event the more opportunities you have to win awesome prizes. Watch the short video to find out how it will work.
um yes!!! Watch the short video if you aren't sure if this is worth the investment. I get transparent about cost and the events value. 
Since this is our inaugural event we don't have event testimonials, but since this event will function like a mastermind, we have included testimonials from Dana's Academy program.
Join us for the Boss Mom Retreat being held at the Moniker Warehouse in Downtown San Diego
Save $200 by entering coupon code: FRIDAY  
Offer Valid Until 11/28/2016
Black Friday Awesomeness
Your $800 ticket is only $600 now through Monday only 
Make sure to reserve your spot today
Meet Your Host, Dana Malstaff
Hey awesome Boss Mom! 

I can't wait to meet you in person. We're going to have a blast working on your business, creating inside jokes, karaokeing, dancing, drinking wine, making new friends and collaborators, and so much more. 

I hope you decide to make the investment in The Boss Mom Retreat, I am going to make sure it's as impactful for you and your business as possible. 

And no matter what, I heart your face, and how you contribute to this community. 

with gratitude,
Cancelation Policy
We want you to only purchase a ticket if you are serious about going to this event. We also know that a lot can happen between now and the here is our policy. Respect that we use your sign-ups to help us plan and fund the event and we will respect that life happens and we will address your cancellation request on a situation basis.
We will be releasing a lot more content and details as we move forward.
If you have questions just send them over to
We want you to feel super excited and confident in your investment so feel free to ask us anything.