What the Heck Does Being ‘Authentic’ Actually Mean?

Everyone’s always talking about authenticity, and how we need to be more authentic in our lives and businesses. But what does that really mean? Authenticity is key, but we actually need to know what it looks like to make sure it shines through. 

Can we be strategic about authenticity? Are there steps that we can take that may help our authenticity and integrity shine through? 

In this episode, I talk all about what being authentic actually means, how to use it to grow our businesses and why we need to be conscious of the things we care about.

Authenticity is what people see.

-Dana Malstaff

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Authenticity and transparency
    People tend to confuse authenticity with transparency. What is the difference between the two?
  • How do we show authenticity?
    What does authenticity actually look like in action?
  • Understanding how humans work
    How do we gain better insight into how humans work?


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