Blended Family Bliss: How to Communicate Our Emotions Effectively w/Amy Stone

We’re finally in an era where people no longer want to sweep their truth under a rug, and when it comes blended families, people are more open to having discussions as opposed to the past. 

Why should we always communicate our feelings with our family and how does that help our relationships to thrive? It can be easy to get upset about certain things especially in a blended family, so how do we deal with those difficult emotions without hurting the people around us?

In this episode, certified life coach Amy Stone joins me to discuss her experience as a stepmom, why we shouldn’t overlook the small stuff when it comes to our family and how she’s helped blended families create a family life that they love.

The small stuff can be super important and if we downplay it, it can give us this feeling of not being seen or valued.

-Amy Stone

3 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The importance of communication in blended families
    Communication is key regardless of our situations but how can we use it to help us create a happier and healthier family life?
  • The misconceptions of being a stepmom
    The media and people around us can influence the stepmom narrative. What are some of the misconceptions around being a stepmom and how can we rise above it?
  • Preconditioning and how it can affect our relationships.
    What we experience as children can often show up later in our lives and affect our relationships.

Guest Bio

Amy Stone is a certified life coach who helps stepparents and adults in blended families create a home life they love. She is a mom, a stepmom, and a grandma. Her personal experience as a wife and stepmom pushed her to create a unique path to happiness.

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