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A 30-Day Facebook Popup Challenge

Map Your Course Idea

August 20th - September 20th

This group is for all of my Boss Moms who are thinking about making a course and need some extra help mapping out their idea.

I am really excited to announce that Amy Porterfield had given us permission to use her Course Creation Starter Kit as a guide during the challenge. She is even going to join us for a Live on August 26th.

Excited to hang out with you in the group.

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Join the 5-Day Authority Building Challenge

Make your life a little easier by taking these 5 steps to build authority in your market. 
  • Get your perfect client to fall in love with you without you having to stalk them on social media
  • Stop confusing the market with a ton of rogue content and become laser-focused on the topics that will grow your business and revenue 
  • Learn the one tactic that will grow your audience and client list for free in less than 2 hours a week
  • Feel authentic and aligned every step of the way

Hey, I'm Dana, Boss Mom Founder

I started Boss Mom because I was sick of feeling guilty about wanting to have a family and a business at the same time, and wondering if maybe I couldn't be a good mom if I didn't want to stay at home and be with my kids 24/7. When I finally recognized that being an entrepreneur actually makes me a better mom because I am pursuing my passions, the world began to open up.

So I wrote my first book, Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro and from there we launched the Boss Mom Movement.

We all have different goals, desires, and ways of leading our lives, and we should all value that unique journey. Ultimately, we are women trying to be good parents and good business owners at the same time. We yearn to pursue what we love, love who we are, and create something beautiful in this world.

In the end, we need a lot of support, resources, and connection...and that is exactly what you will get here at Boss Mom.


The Boss Mom Podcast

Where women in all stages of raising their business and family go to get tools, tips, and support to help make their Boss Mom lives just a little bit easier.


"This podcast has helped me wrestle with and rationalize my need to be BOTH a mother and a business owner. Practical tips in business based in the reality/world that comes with also being a human being. Love love love."

- Charlena S.


Climb Your Own Ladder is a field guide to show you what each step in your business growth looks like, how to know where you are, and how to get your self up to the next step.

#1 New Release on Amazon

"Climb Your Own Ladder is the ultimate guide for not just how to climb the "entrepreneurial ladder". Instead of building a career, looking back and realizing you climbed the wrong ladder, why not pick up this book and make sure you build the one that's right for you."

- Pat Flynn, Best selling author of Will It Fly and CEO of Smart Passive Income



WP Elevation Live

Take your WordPress business to a whole new level
February 16th in Santa Monica, CA


Social Media Marketing World

Join 7,000 fellow marketers. Get empowered with business-building ideas.
March 20-22 in San Diego, CA

Agents of Change

Learn how to reach more of your ideal customers through search, social, and mobile marketing.
September 19- 21 in Portland, Maine


We believe that part of our job as parents is to show our kids what a good life lived looks like.

We also believe that being a Boss Mom doesn't mean we never cry, or mess up or fail; it means we hold ourselves with grace and self-confidence when we do. We give ourselves permission to be us, to accept that everyone else has that same right, and pour love into everything we do because love has a limitless capacity.

The Boss Mom Movement is about raising people up. We do that with all sorts of tactical tools, courses, resources, and more.

And the community helps provide support, connection, collaboration, a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to high five.

If reading this has you smiling, then you are in the right place.

Welcome to the Boss Mom Movement!

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