Grab the 90 day email nurture system course for just $97
Stop spending time sending out weekly newsletters.
Instead, watch as more of your emails get opened, more replies, more sales, and more impact. And the best part is that once it's made it keeps working for you, so you can focus on actually getting more people into your list. 

Grab the 90 day email nurture system course for just $97 
I'm ready! Give it to me!
Sorry for the blurry hands, my daughter changed the settings on my camera and I didn't notice until it was too late. And I really liked this take and didn't want to do it over again. :) 
What's Included?
The permission sandwich formula 

Brainstorm guide for each of the 6 email types


Trello board to guide you through the entire process


Email order and timing guide


Give a hack or fill a gap video training


Conversion tracking checklist with recommendations on open and click rates


BONUS: email template to welcome people from a group or opt-in

Nurture system timeline checklist 

1 email template for each of the 6 email types


Criteria checklist for each email type you can apply to any email


Email writing tracker


Flash Sale Page templates


Video Sales Letter training


Behind the scenes of how we set up our email system 


BONUS: email template to
re-engage an old list

Answers before you ask
How many emails are in the 90 day nurture?
Each month includes 10 emails and 3 emails in a one day flash sale. That means there are 33 emails in the 90 day nurture system.  The great part is that we repeat the permission sandwich over and over again which means you always know what email is going where and exactly what it needs to say and do. We have had students complete all 90 days, but most have them all done and set up with 2-4 weeks. 
Am I emailing my list every day? 
No, no, no. :) You email every few equals to 2-3 times a week. We stagger the times because you get better open rates and engagement that way. We do recommend a one day flash sale at the end of each month where you email them 3 times in one day, but it's not overwhelming at all for your audience. In fact, the way we structure the flow of the emails and their topics feels like a very natural relationship building process for your audience. 
Does this work if my target audience are non-business owners? (ie. BtoC)
Absolutely!!!! In fact, this system isn't just about selling, it's about nurturing and building a relationship. This system also isn't just about story telling like a lot of copywriters will tell you are the key to conversations. The 90 day nurture system helps create a sense of belonging, permission, builds clout, trains, asks for feedback and for sales and the combination (in the right order) is perfect for both B to B and B to C. 
What if I am not a fan of writing emails 
Not to worry, we have done all the work so that the system and process are easy and templated. We have done the work so that you feel guided through the entire process. We hear all the time from people that say they felt comfortable writing emails or didn't think they were good writers and were able to create amazing nurture emails based on our system. 
Do I have to write all the emails at once?
Nope, in the process checklist we actually recommend that you get month one done (only 13 emails) and put it in place before you start month 2 & 3. We walk you through the exact order of operations so that you don't have to wonder when or how to use the system.
Will people get annoyed if I write them more than once a week? 
We get this question all the time. And the answer is no. Writing a weekly newsletter may feel like its popular and what everyone wants, but when you implement the 90 day nurture system you will get replies from your emails like 'this is exactly what I needed to hear', or 'I am so thankful for you', or 'it's like you're in my head', or 'I have been wanting to buy you (blank) and now is the time'.

The other thing to remember is that most people to email every day are all about conversion copy, which sounds great, but it burns out your list fast. Those people want you to buy or get off their list. That is NOT what the 90 day nurture system is all about. Our system is about building relationships that lead to conversions, but also lead to changing lives, building friendships, gaining loyalty, and getting your list to engage and share.
Will I need to write emails each week? 
The beauty of the 90 day nurture system that you ARE NOT writing emails all the time. You write your 90 days and once it's in place you can focus your attention to getting people on your email list. When you don't have to spend your mental energy trying to get the people on your list to engage and buy, you can focus on outside marketing...that is where the magic happens and why this system is so perfect for Boss Moms... because we don't have time to be the expert, content deliverer, sales rep, and marketer all at the same time. 
Meet your nurture guide...
Dana Malstaff, CEO, Boss Mom LLC

Hey awesome lady!

I launched the Boss Mom brand in 2015 with my first book Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro.

I had been in business as a consultant for 2 years and until Boss Mom was born I always had to work to get clients. I didn't have any real authority so I had to work extra hard.

Once Boss Mom was born I realized that authority, loyalty, and sales isn't just about being good at what you's about so much more.

Everything I have learned and implemented here at Boss Mom, and for my clients over the last 6 years, I I distilled down into the Nurture to Convert System and the permission sandwiches we use in emails is also the same system we use for social content as well so everything in your business aligns and is easy to implement. I get messages all the time that the permission sandwiches work which lights up my heart.

I have accomplished a lot over the last 6 years and I could tell you a ton of cools things I have done, places I have spoke, money I have made...but that's not what's most important.

What's most important is the picture you see to the left. This is me being 'me' and the systems I create (including this email nurture system) allow you to be you in your own emails AND nurture and convert at the same time.

I hope you decide to grab the 90 day email nurture system so you can nurture and convert your email list because people out there need what you do.

hugs & high fives,

I'm ready! Give it to me!